Smash-Up: We Writers are All the Same

Is this another post about a super cool software? No guys, it is not. There are more to come, don’t worry. Constantly I read blogs telling you how long it takes to became a publishable writer — that you should write 10 novels before start querying — so consider this an exercise of patience; you will need it after all.

Today it is the day to write that inspirational post.

About one month ago I was sad and alone. I had given up everything to became a writer, and yet I was unable to write — my own insecurity paralyzed me. At the beginning I denied that fact. No, I was not insecure… I was reading writing books to improve my skills, and reading good books to analyze their styles (only reinstating that I would never be that superb).

One day, after I spent the whole day reading a self published hit, my husband told me the true: You are insecure. You are just afraid to fail.

After all I gave up? Hell yeah I was. Still am. Aren’t we all?

I decided to create a twitter account. Honestly, I don’t have any idea how that came to be my conclusion; I knew nothing about using social media to create a platform and didn’t even knew what to do with twitter.

And you know what I learned in this one month? That we writers are all the same. Same fears, same dreams. Especially: same crazy little things.

We all writers…

So no, we are not alone: we are all in this together.

And I want to thank you all for being there for me, not even knowing how much you were helping me.

Now it is time to share! How is this social media thing working out for you? Do you agree that our similarities bring us together? Truly, I want to hear from you guys. Let’s hug!

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