Mind Mapping: unleash your creativity!

I should had written this post last week, but I’m a terrible person. Anyway, here I am. First, I thought of writing an inspirational post; you know, the typical “don’t give up” and “follow your dreams” kind of post. I might go for that next time, but today I’m not in the right mood: I’m very late with my schedule and I didn’t had chocolate for easter. So, I will stick with the practical approach.

Today I will talk about mind mapping software and how useful these tools can be in the creative process.

So what is a mind mapping (or brainstorming) software anyway? Well, a mind mapping software reciprocates something you most likely already do: brainstorming. You put ideas into paper and you connect those ideas. Here is a simple example:

Mind Map example

You got the point. I’m tired of John, Mary and Jane already. Just put everything there: plot, characters, loose ideas. Anything really (there is no boundaries). I think brainstorming as an excellent way to put your ideas into perpective, and the reason why I love mind maps is because I don’t have to stop to organize my thoughts. It is natural; ideas come like waves and I just put them there and connect them like crazy; it is so much fun. However, even thought the process is chaotic, the end result is not. Mind maps are organized; it is easy to keep a track of everything. If you fell like this is the coolest thing ever, I have good news: You have options! Free options that have versions for Windows and Mac. Here is a list:

  • FreeMind: It is simple. You can tag your thoughts with labels such as: important, idea, stop, info, etc. For me it’s too simple. I used FreeMind to make the example on this post.
  • XMind: I think it is prettier than FreeMind. If you are looking for simple, I recommend this one. It has everything FreeMind has plus it’s more intuitive and has some interesting features: you can put links, attachments, summaries, and other stuff. They have a paid version. You could stick with the free one, but I don’t like that you can only convert to pdf in the paid version.


Personal Brain

I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions fell free to ask me. And comments are greatly appreciated 🙂
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